Kit Cinetor with SP-6 / 100Pro and DT-300 to WG-300

Cinetor & Cinetor HWG with Monacor SP-6 / 100Pro and DT-300 with WG-300

Kit Cinetor with SP-6 / 100Pro and DT-300 to WG-300Compact loudspeaker, neutrally designed frequency response. Especially interesting for home cinema systems. Perfectly working in for bar, - and pub istallations. If using a potent subwoofer, impressive maximum levels are achieved. The HWG version is intended for installation very close to the wall or on-wall installations.

 To the Cinetor-EVO ... the improved successor

Technical data

(Cinetor / Cinetor HWG)

  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ω / 6 Ω
  • Characteristic sound pressure (2,83V / 1m): 90 dB / 92dB
  • Maße (HxBxT)mm: 380x200x280/395x200x284
  • Crossover frequency: 2000 Hz / 2100Hz


  • Home theater (with subwoofer support)
  • Monitoring
  • Bar & pub sound
  • ambitious stereo installations


Monacor DT-300 / WG-300


Monacor SP-6 / 100Pro

Sound + sound 02 / 2006

From the professional corner - with optimal heat dissipation - high efficiency - with smooth frequency response.

Measurements Cinetor

Measurements Cinetor HWG

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  1. Somehow I have the feeling that every little clockwise turn on the amp is acknowledged by a joyful "trembling" of the flanks like a racehorse when letting go of the reins. 🙂

  2. I'm going to describe my Cinetors-HWG for you.
    the two are playing for almost 4 weeks with me in the living room of 3 alone without any support in the front, so in stereo use and in Pure Direct mode, so without any intervention of the AVR.

    First I tested the "wall-close" setup with the two of them. Initially, my ears need to be positioned directly on the wall. After 1 week I was able to add about 4 cm to the wall and the bass was there as I wanted it. It remained the same distance when the two wandered to their destination, namely to the rear. I don't think that I had to listen first and then take the two cinetors something away from the wall, but that the two had to play a little bit first.

    So now to the sound, heard several times I have the following things:
    Queen Platinum Collection remastered 2011 (CD)
    Queen live Fire at the Bowl (DVD)
    Brennan Heart Evolution of Style (CD)
    Qlimax 2013 (Blue-ray)
    Wise Guys plain text and other works (CD)
    Lés Miserable Performance in the O2 Arena (Blue Ray)

    It was heard with the following equipment
    AVR: Marantz 6008
    Player: PS3

    So my biggest fear that the tweeter annoying or hissing, was after the first 30 seconds applause of the audience in the O2 Arena at the birthday party performance of Lés Miserable there. On the contrary, the cymbals are very plastic and strong.
    The strings of the orchestra are displayed well and clearly, gracefully and starting. Lively, I would not call that, because that would be negative for me ^ ^
    Double basses have strong contours, I like that a lot.
    So that was the most detailed what was possible to describe with my little knowledge here, now here's the whole package Cinetor HWG.

    The parts are just great, You give me experiences with my music that were not known before. For example, I can hear the breathing of the Wise Guys on the title Power Woman. At Chocolate Chip Coockies, the deep voice is just the kind of present in the room that I could not experience, at least not at my house.
    The old rock and the great harmonies of Queen are delivered to me here in my living room that I (without lying) had tears in my eyes at the Fire at the Bowl recordings, I went to work just half a day later because I still wanted to hear. The feeling of being there was and is fantasticalthough the shot itself is of inferior quality.
    Brennan Heart charges the air with brute force, the TMT makes it at very high volumes quite beautiful ways. And while I have the Dingerchen pretty much requested something. My cantons already had beads of sweat on their membranes at "the same" volume, while the cinetors could still yawn comfortably with their dust cap, Absolutely without effort should mean ^ ^. The only thing I could hear so far was the structure of the entire stage and only in old Martin Logan and in an optimized space.
    Whether this minimal deficiency actually comes from the Cinetors or at least from my near sloping roof. I can not say which one sends the tracking over the rushes.

    My friend calls the little ones again and again dwarves and quite loving.
    When I thought back then I would move into a war zone and needed the better arguments there, so I thought of hand grenades.
    Through your referrals, I now have camouflaged Leopard 2 behind my couch

    I do not want to praise the Cinetors in the absolute hiphop Olympus, but it was exactly what I was looking for and could not find anywhere.
    Thanks for that ^^

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  3. Since my two Cinetors have been playing with me for more than a year now and I let myself be impressed anew each day by the sound, praising Alexander is long overdue.

    When I started construction in the fall of the year before last year, a long way began before the two sounded in my room for the first time. The carpenter, who should cut the wood was unreliable and lost the blueprint, whereupon Alexander kindly sent me a replacement by mail. From the local hardware store, I got my wood and the construction could begin. After a few more weeks it was finally time: The first sound came from the two speakers, so that a wide grin that lasts all day and every time they are allowed to play comes back.

    Meanwhile, the two were supported by a potent subwoofer and together have a stunning sound. Other Cinetors will follow in any case.

    Alexander, thank you very much for the development of such a beautiful thing!

  4. I have now built both variants and extensively tested everything that the music market gives. I know the individual chassis well and that's why I chose the Cinetor.
    In terms of sound, I see the "normal" Cinetor a lot ahead of the HWG variant, because the upper midrange and especially the "s" and "sch" sounds come across as too dominant. If you want more high frequencies, you can simply choose the reducing resistor 3-5 ohms larger Raise the HT 1-1,5db.

    But without knocking on the shit, the Cinetor is simply a reference when it comes to sound, level and case size! The thing just plays fancy. You can hear sounds from the usual shop representatives are not there or go under, even close to the wall it is less bad as you expect. Anyone who needs something that plays loud and loud gets the right speaker with a top turnout that plays deeper than expected, depending on the room acoustics. With Wooferunterstützung is just the post and the on an extremely high sound level! The garden party is feasible with the thing, but sounds better than the neighbor.

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