Subwoofer SPH-380TC CB

Subwoofer SPH-380TC CB / BR High-quality subwoofer, either closed or bass reflex

High-quality, very precise playing subwoofer, optionally closed or bass reflex. -3dB at 29Hz. Equipped with the Monacor SPH-380TC and the active module Monacor SAM-2 or Hypex DS 4.0. Also very suitable for level fixed Heimkinoinstallationen.

Kit Subwoofer SPH-380TC CB / BR

Subwoofer SPH-380TC / CB with Monacor SAM-2


  • in-depth playback: -3dB 29Hz, -8dB 25Hz => closed with equalization + 5dB @ 32Hz, As a bass reflex execution, the identical draft is achieved without the need for a bass boost.
  • Closed (CB) or bass reflex (BR) possible
  • extremely precise
  • outstanding level stability
  • Maximum flexibility through choice between CB and BR


  • Highest quality stereo applications
  • Home theater in medium to large rooms
  • Studios and control rooms
  • Support for the most significant main speakers in the lowest octaves


Closed or bass reflex?

The SPH-380TC does not sound much lower in a well-tuned bass reflex setup than in a closed design (with proper equalization), but may sound less precise.

The lack of draft in a closed design is compensated by an equalization (+ 5dB @ 32Hz) in the lowest frequency range by the active module. The downside of this is an increased power requirement.

In summary:

In terms of depth, the two variants do little to nothing. The closed version may play (still) a bit more precise, the bass reflex version is less power hungry and even better.


Build the subwoofer in BR and make the tubes lockable! This way, all options remain open at all times.

Due to some inquiries:

  • The subwoofer definitely makes "wind" in home cinema, even in a closed design. 30 Hertz are easily reached and 15 inches with + -11mm linear hub are just a "house number" 😉
  • So that the subwoofer should be operated exclusively closed, the volume can easily be reduced to up to ~ 50Liter. The result would be a slightly lower draft (~ 2 dB less level at 30Hz).

parts list

  • 1x Monacor SPH-380TC
  • Active module Monacor Sam-2 or alternatively Hypex DS 4.0
  • Speaker sealing tape
  • screws
  • highly flexible OFC copper cable
  • Baumappe (blueprint, cut list)

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