DXT-MON 182 Reference compact speaker


Technical data

  • Frequency range (-3dB): ~ 36-> 20000Hz
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 84 dB
  • Crossover frequency: 1950Hz LR4
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Principle: 2 ways, passive membrane
  • Net volume: 18l
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 380x224x338mm


  • ambitious stereo applications in small to medium-sized rooms
  • passive near-field monitor
  • In home theater aplications as a main, center or rear speaker. With DXT-MON and DXT-Wave perfectly combinable


  • extremely neutral and precise reproduction
  • outstanding uniform directional behavior
  • lowest harmonic and non-linear distortions
  • the built-in drivers are of the highest quality
  • very impressive and effortless reproduction of even the lowest notes
  • Thanks to the passive membrane (Dayton DSA-215 PR or Seas SP22R) there are no problems frequently encountered with ventilated systems in terms of flow noise or "mid-range waste"


Wavecor WF182BD09

Hobby Hifi 03 / 2014

These drivers (Note: WF182BD09 and WF182BD10) offer outstanding value for money. For audiophile and living room-friendly two-way floor boxes, they are simply perfect.

Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB (H1499)


Dayton DSA-215PR or Seas SP22R



  • 38mm front
  • Body 19mm
  • Interior walls with alubutyl (double) / Hardboard sandwich
  • Two struts between the side walls


DXT-MON 182 Xover



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  1. Nice thing, but also a really nice roar 🙂

    Could you also use the 220iger Accuton-PM?
    It is really expensive, but also visually and haptically
    a blast.


    1. Hello Matthias!
      Yes, according to the simulation, it should work! The Seas SP22R would also work.
      I chose the Dayton because it works very well, in my opinion it looks good and it's cheap. The tin basket doesn't bother me, mounted there behind.
      The tuning of an alternative PM (Accuton / Seas) could be done with a simple impedance measurement.

      To the "Brummer"
      The nada of sound and tone, just to give an example, is ~ 45% larger 😉


  2. How it performs compared to Cinetor -Evo?
    What would be your choice for a simple but high quality stereo system?

    1. Hi Adam
      It depends 🙂

      DXT-MON 182 is reflected in terms of directional behavior. What is, in my view preferable, but calls for some more attention in terms of room acoustics.
      So DXT-MON-182 does outperform Cinetor-Evo in terms of bass performance. It goes noticeably deeper + passive radiator vs. BR

      If I wanted a high level home cinema I'd choose Cinetro-EVO with subwoofer support. I also would prefer it if my room was ´cold´ in acoustical terms.

      Listening distance also may play a role. If it is very large Cinetor Evo maybe is to be preferred.

      So, to sum it up: For a 'simple and high quality stereo system' my choice would be, under most circumstances, DXT-MON 182..

  3. Nice LS, but it is noticeable that you are already sticking to a concept (which admittedly also works well).
    For the station wagon with the Seas ER18RNX, I would take a look at the new SB.Acoustics PM (SB13PFCR-00, SB16PFCR-00, SB20PFCR-00), which should also look perfect!

    For a change, how about a real 3 Weger (with SB Acoustics, Sica or B&C chassis + DXT or similar)


    1. Hello "NoWay"
      No, I don't adhere to any concept. This one that I found (Seas DXT + oblique bevels) works so exceptionally well that I decided to make it a series.
      And this series was still missing the 7 ″ 1 ″ combination ...

      I consider it critical that practically every loudspeaker, regardless of whether it makes sense or not, has become oblique in the meantime.

      DXT-Wave is a real 3-way with the Seas DXT, and it will soon be followed by another 3-way speaker in a classic arrangement.

      When choosing the drivers in the middle and low range, I see no reason to stray from the Wavecors. I simply consider it to be the best that is currently available to buy, and at a very moderate price.

      I like to look at the SB PMs. Thanks for the tip!

      Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Alexander,
    are the struts of the DXT-MON 182 pi times thumb,
    or did you also do investigations / measurements?
    Wouldn't glued-in wooden struts have a similar effect?

    Is there a possibility to listen to one or the other kit on site?

    Greeting Detlef

    1. Hi Detlef,
      Yes, measured very extensively. Here is just one of many measurement series
      The mic was ~ 15cm away from the side wall. Red is the untreated case.
      And yes, the threaded rods could, for example. be replaced by logs.
      Unfortunately I don't have a screening room at the moment.


  5. Hi Alexander,
    I like the concept very much. Do I have to pay attention to something when I make a floorstanding speaker out of baffle width / chamfer, chassis position, maintain volume?
    And can you recommend other measures for sound insulation, e.g. Hawaphon? If they cost a little more, it would be worth it to me.
    best regards

    1. Hello Rüdiger!
      Yes, you can do that. I would make minimal adjustments to the switch. I would then tell you and publish it here.
      The absorption measures with the DXT-MON-182 are quite complex and in my opinion quite close to the optimum. No improvement is expected when using other / more expensive materials.

      1. Hi Alexander,
        was the DXT-MON-182 project actually implemented as a slim floorstanding loudspeaker? I would also be very interested, but couldn't find any information on your website.
        Best Regards

        1. Hello Arne
          Yes, some variants have already been built as floorstanding loudspeakers. The switch is only adjusted minimally. The volume remains the same or is increased slightly. The PM vote remains the same.
          I am happy to help with the implementation!
          Best Regards

  6. Hi Alexander,

    http://www.audiosciencereview.com is a very interesting website. The DXT mon is often mentioned there in the forum as a very high-quality alternative, for example to the Genelec. Armin has very advanced test equipment such as a Klippel near field scanner (NFS). Maybe an idea to let him do a test? I prefer the DXT-mon 182 😉

  7. I just want to say thank you. I previously had a kit with a Satori chassis in d'Appolito technology.
    The feeling that this cannot be the best was always there.
    After a reasonable break-in period, I can say: the sound of the DXT182 in my living room is at least one class better. In addition, the boxes are half the size and cost less.
    The biggest abnormalities in the sound impression: no matter how many are on the recording, you can always follow each and every one with ease.
    Always suitable for the long term, although they also clearly differentiate between good and bad recordings. Subwoofer: superfluous. Nothing booms or buzzes here.
    I have a lot of fun with the boxes. For the first time I can say: I can hardly imagine that it could be better.
    So thanks to me for the selection and very special thanks to the developer!

  8. Hi Alexander!
    Is there any difference in sound between this model, and original DXT-MON, other than deeper bass on DXT-MON 182?
    Is it a good idea to make front baffle from solid piece of wood, or may be it would cause some unwanted resonances?

    Merry Christmas!

    Kind regards,

  9. What do you have to pay attention to when setting up the DXT-MON 182 with regard to the passive membrane on the back? What distance to the wall should be kept here? Are there any big differences in the setup compared to the normal DXT-MON with the side PM?

    1. Hello

      Whether the PM is at the side or at the back makes practically no difference in terms of the set-up. Both variants would like to have some space to the rear.
      I would recommend> = 20cm ... In some listening situations, however, less can work. I wouldn't go under 10cm.
      You can experiment.


  10. Hi Alexander,

    I am also interested in the answer regarding the wall placement. Furthermore, until what room size would you think the DXT-MON 182 would be suitable?

    1. Hi Cameron

      I would recommend the DXT-MON-182 up to 25-30m² ... depending on how loud it should be.
      Regarding wall placement:
      Give them> = 20cm ... Less could also work, but in most cases> = 20cm is better.
      It doesn't make a huge difference if the PR is on the side or in the back.

      Best regards

  11. Hi Alexander,

    I would also be interested in an answer regarding the distance to the wall (also in comparison to the DXT-MON).

    Greeting Peter

  12. mon 182 vs mon rly vs mon (mon stood).

    It would be helpful if you can subjectively define sound differences little bit to make it easy to decide, i think 182 uses the more expensive 182bd. using it without subwoofer in music should also be considered.

    I am currently using gr-research x-sls encore, which has unfatiguing, slightly warmer sound, you can listen to this speaker all day. these qualities i would like to have in any other speaker i try.

    Thank You.

    1. Hi there!
      In terms of deepest bass: DXT-MON 182 => DXT-MON Stand => DXT-MON RLY
      In terms of MAX-SPL: DXT-MON 182 => DXT-MON Stand = DXT-MON RLY
      In terms of distortions: DXT-MON 182 => DXT-MON Stand => DXT-MON RLY

      DXT-MON 182 is the best overall performer if you have enough space to place it properly.
      DXT-MON Stand also performs outstandingly also without subwoofer … the rly version could (sometimes) benefit from a subwoofer.

      1. Hi Alexander,

        Where would you place the DXT-MON RNX in your previous comparison (bass, spl, distortions)? 182 vs MON RNX vs MON Stand vs MON RLY…

        Have you developed any stand version of the DXT-MON RNX or planning to do so?


        1. Hi Frederick

          In terms of deepest bass: DXT-MON-182 => DXT-MON-RNX equals DXT-MON Stand => DXT-MON RLY
          In terms of MAX-SPL: DXT-MON-182 equals DXT-MON-RNX => DXT-MON Stand equals DXT-MON RLY
          In terms of distortions: DXT-MON-182 equals DXT-MON-RNX => DXT-MON Stand => DXT-MON RLY
          (RNX performs slightly better in K2, 182 in K3)

          Best regards

      2. Hi Alexander,
        Is there actually still hope for the 3rd? Way of Dxt Mon 182. That would be nice to hear! I think some are looking forward to it or are still waiting for it!
        Thank you and best regards

        1. Hello B.
          No, there is no 182rd option planned for the DXT-MON-3. He never was. It goes deep enough… 🙂
          For little DXT-MON, the third way will come soon. An SB-3 partial active as a side bass with a Hypex Fusion amp.
          Stay tuned 🙂

  13. Holy Shit,
    After initial doubts and getting used to (or burn in) and different stuffings and tweeter-attenuation, I finally settled on the original. I did add 20g to the PR. And I really like these speakers.
    Tonight I could place them on some stands and further away from walls.
    It blew my mind! These speakers are amazing in every way, bass, stage, neutrality, detail. And can be listened to the entire night. Can't find no end, don't want to stop listening!
    No expensive components or gear needed! Simply amazing.
    Thanks and awe to the designers.

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