DXT-MON-STAND Slim floorstanding speaker with Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB and Wavecor WF152BD06



  • exceptionally pure and neutral sound
  • superbly uniform directivity
  • outstanding resolution
  • lowest harmonic and non-linear distortions

DXT-MON-STAND is a, only 18cm wide tower speaker based on the reference speaker DXT-MON, The measurement results of both speakers are almost identical, apart from the noticeably more depth in the stand version (-3dB ~ 44Hz). Despite the small size, DXT-MON-STAND shows an impressive level stability.

The crossover is almost identical to DXT-MON. Only two resistors need to be adjusted.

Technical data

  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Crossover frequency: 1800Hz LR4
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 83,5 dB
  • Concept: 2 ways, bass reflex
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 900x180x208mm
  • Net volume: 12,5l
  • Frequency range (-3dB): 44-40000Hz


  • Sophisticated stereo applications in small to medium spaces
  • Home theater: Main and Rear


Wavecor WF152BD06

Klang & Ton 02 / 2013

In this as in all other respects, the new driver is perfect: even at 95 decibel the driver has almost no distortions, has almost no resonance up to almost 10 kilohertz and shows a perfectly balanced frequency response ... The processing is Waveor-typical excellent - they only have the best materials installed.

Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB (H1499): Test


Further measurements: DXT-MON


18mm plate material, with internally glued aluminum butyl (double). The front has a thickness of 28mm.

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