DXT-MON Reference 10l Monitor Speaker with Seas DXT 27TBCD/GB, Wavecor WF152BD06 + Seas SP18R


  • exceptionally pure and neutral sound
  • superbly uniform directivity
  • outstanding impulse response and resolution
  • lowest harmonic and non-linear distortions


  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Crossover frequency: 1800Hz LR4
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 83 dB
  • Principle: 2 ways, bass reflex / passive membrane
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
    • Version PM 8l: 308 x 204 x 244mm
    • Version BR / PM 9,5l: 330 x 204 x 258mm
  • Net volume: 8l or 9,5l
  • Frequency range (-3dB):
    • Version PM 8l: 54 - 40000 Hz
    • Version PM 9,5l: 50 - 40000 Hz
    • Version BR 9,5l: 50 - 40000 Hz


  • Near field monitoring
  • High-end desktop speakers
  • High-quality stereo aplications in small to medium sized rooms
  • Home theater: Main / Center / Rear with subwoofer support


Wavecor WF152BD06

Klang & Ton 02 / 2013

In this as in all other respects, the new driver is perfect: even at 95 decibel the driver has almost no distortions, has almost no resonance up to almost 10 kilohertz and shows a perfectly balanced frequency response ... The processing is Waveor-typical excellent - they only have the best materials installed.

Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB (H1499): Test



16mm MDF, with bitumen, - plywood sandwich. The front has a thickness of 38mm. This is eg. achieved by gluing two 19mm plates.


Cost example (ehighend.de Stand 05 / 2017)

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3 thoughts too "DXT-MON Reference 10l Monitor Speaker with Seas DXT 27TBCD/GB, Wavecor WF152BD06 + Seas SP18R

  1. How about the 3-way extension of the DXT-MON?
    That would be particularly interesting for me, since I'm currently building the middle-high-tone section.
    A DXT-MON-EXT would be really great.

  2. Impressions from the "Taxi Race" at the 10.03.2018 in Vienna


    Fortunately, the DXT-Mon was there because in my room all the other speakers again clearly put on the squares. The bass was heavier and rounder than the taxis (except LBC), the middle and high tone again gentler, brighter and more harmonious.
    Especially in my heavily damped space, the taxis produce too few reflections due to the stronger bundling. The less concentrated DXT-Mon produces more pleasant midrange and high frequency reflections, making the speaker sound more silky and brilliant with the same neutral frequency response.
    The DXT-Mon was already with me but then not recorded and therefore with very little bass. That was absolutely not the case this time.
    Strengths: Everything. Great from the bottom up.
    Weaknesses: If you want to hear very loud you have to worry about the little woofer and the PM. Distortion or screaming does not do anything, but physics are just limits on the bass as loud as the little one can play. "


    For me the star of the evening. Big, great staggered stage, extremely wide sweetspot. Very linearly tuned but with enough bass and nice clean trebles. The level can be too. Later we had heard them against various taxi / disco and did not have to hide in the level or draft. If you support those with a subwoofer you do not need another speaker. You can tell that this is most likely the TMT limitert (or the passive membrane) For me, the best speaker I've heard so far. They will soon replace my Little Princess ADW (which are also great and if they were shelf speakers they should stay - but unfortunately too dangerous with a toddler) ..

    Source: http://www.hifi-forum.de/viewthread-104-29327-6.html

  3. larseickmeier

    The DXT-MON carries the MON (for monitoring) rightly in the name. From bottom to top she does everything right. The stage is clear, real table and clearly in front of you and there is nothing that even bothers or somehow, because not listen. The resolution is a force!


    The DXT-Mon of Alex Heißmann had me particularly interested, since it was synonymous here in the forum sometimes high ago went to this box. This is a nice example of the fact that speakers that measure themselves very well also sound really good. A great kit with an amazing foundation in the bass for the surprisingly compact dimensions ... Definitely a complete speaker that leaves nothing to be desired. I would immediately put myself in the room.


    The DXT Mon, who played really long last weekend, seems to have fallen.
    Also me, very much!
    A super stage has built the small, clean bass.
    When we switched the speakers so that the passive membranes have turned inwards, the structure in the bass is still increasing.
    Especially the tweeter was great, that was quite a big movie.
    Also, the DXT Mon has surprised me with much more momentum than I had dared.


    DXT-Mon: Immediately again very big cinema for me: Fabulous resolution, absolute naturalness, impulsive with a dry bass ...

    Source: http://www.hifi-forum.de/viewthread-104-29327-6.html

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