Technical data

  • Concept
    • 3 ways d'appolito
    • fully active
    • DSP filtering
    • Bass reflex or closed
  • Crossover frequencies: 2050Hz LR4 / 220Hz LR4
  • Maximum SPL (free field / 35-40000Hz): 103dB / m
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1265x230x388mm
  • Net volume woofers: 2x30l
  • Frequency range (-3dB):
    • 32-40000Hz (bass reflex)
    • 43-40000Hz (closed)


  • Ambitious stereo applications in medium and larger rooms
  • As Main loudspeaker in the home cinema
  • ... extended with DXT-Mon as center / rear / surround


Thanks to activation with the DSP amplifier Hypex FusionAmp FA123, the excellent characteristics of the DXT-Wave have been further improved. The filtering between low - and midrange is now, unlike the passive version, with Linkwitz-Riley filters 4. Order. Passively, this slope would have been complicated and costly to accomplish. Also in terms of linearity and directional behavior small improvements could still be achieved.

Especially in terms of adaptability, the DXT-Wave-Fusion shows its strengths. Three different setups (Flat / Party / Near-Wall) can be easily changed at a flick of a switch . If necessary, individual circumstances can be dealt with at any time and suitable setups can be created.


Wavecor WF182BD10

Hobby Hifi 03 / 2014

These drivers (Note: WF182BD09 and WF182BD10) offer outstanding value for money. For audiophile and living room-friendly two-way floor boxes, they are simply perfect.

Wavecor WF152BD06

Klang & Ton 02 / 2013

In this as in all other respects, the new driver is perfect: even at 95 decibel the driver has almost no distortions, has almost no resonance up to almost 10 kilohertz and shows a perfectly balanced frequency response ... The processing is Waveor-typical excellent - they only have the best materials installed.

Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB (H1499)





6 thoughts on "DXT-Wave-Fusion"

  1. The End?!
    I ended up here looking for my favorite LS.
    The speaker is in my opinion a found gem. Ortbarkeit, precision and depth are harmoniously put together here.
    I like the studio monitors, but not their looks. Here you can contribute to a certain degree of beauty (therefore DIY).
    The active modules are an optimal extension of the loudspeakers, as they can be adapted to the room accordingly. In addition, the LS can be easily connected to a source ... ready (digital or analog)!
    The speaker has its price, has its claim (in terms of construction), but he also has his authority.
    The wheel was not reinvented here ... of course! But in my opinion it is a very successful combination of what you can expect from a VERY GOOD loudspeaker at the right price (which unfortunately often fails).
    Many thanks for this practical and audiophile all-rounder!

  2. First of all, great praise for your work on this page and the conceptually consistent development of your speakers.

    I'm looking forward to the XL version of the Wave. I would also be interested in the harmonic distortions in the different wave variants, as they were also published in some of your other developments. A comparison between the passive, active and XL Wave would certainly be very interesting with regard to the distortion values.

    1. Hello Mario
      The distortion is extremely low. The only problem is that with a speaker of this size I reach the limit of what I can still accurately measure in terms of distortion, especially in the bass.
      In other words: my measuring room can no longer clearly show how low-distortion the loudspeaker really is.


  3. Hello, first of all, a very big thanks for your work. I am very interested in your DXT wave fusion kit and I had a small question. Apart from all price considerations, would replacing the DXT 27TBCD/GB with a Mundorf AMT21CM2.1C with a cutoff at 2200kHz/ LR4 or 8 bring a real improvement in the highs in the rendering and in the directivity?

    1. Hello Sebastien
      No, I wouldn't assume that. In terms of directional behavior the DXT-Wave and DXT-Mon speakers represent, in my view, the optimum for multiway speakers. No real room for improvement in that aspect.
      In all other aspects the DXT 27TBCD/GB performs extremely well … so no reason to replace it with any other tweeter, regardless of the costs.

      Best regards

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