Monacor Direct HA Edition with SPH-176, MSH-116 / 4 and DT-25N

Direct "HA Edition" with Monacor SPH-176 MSH-116 and DT25-N Improved edition of the center speaker "Monacor Direct"

Direct HA Edition

Case Direct HA Edition

Technical data

  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 89 dB
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 240 x 600 x 300 mm
  • Crossover frequencies: 360 / 3000 Hz
  • Principle: 3 way CB


  • high quality center-speaker in ambitious home-cinema installations
  • also usable as main or rear-speaker




Monacor DT-25N

Heißmann-Acoustics: Test

Monacor MSH-116 / 4

sound +Sound 2 / 01

"This chassis is the surprise of Tests. Highly recommended!"

Monacor SPH-176

Sound + sound 06 / 2003

The SPH-176 gives almost the ideal picture of a classic mid-woofer.


A successful combination + very linear frequency response + many successful detail solutions + quite large linear stroke + very good price


Case Direct HA Edition


Cost example ( Stand 12 / 2017)


Buy cabinet kits

For the detailed development report


2 thoughts too "Direct "HA Edition" with Monacor SPH-176 MSH-116 and DT25-N Improved edition of the center speaker "Monacor Direct""

  1. Now I have to deliver the long overdue Rezi!
    Shortly after Alex started developing the center, I was in a hurry to see if he sounded different or better than the original circuitry. I do not have the problem of the angles, because the listening position is no + -15Grad away from the axis.
    The original circuit harmonized better with my floor speakers than any solutions before! I also knew everything in the Alex Part 1 wrote after accomplish.
    After a few phone calls and more Mails I got a somewhat stripped down, but no less expensive, circuit of Alex including component delivery. Slimmed for the sake of the small angle.
    After a few months of listening, I have to say that the center integrates perfectly, it now sounds more airy and suits the AX-80 better. The MT now works as such, which can be heard somehow. The sound from> 30 degrees is still acceptable without any compromises.
    If a sound goes from left to right across the center you can still hear a small difference, but this is not as big as before. 3x front equal is generally recommended.
    In short: I am thrilled, only a little color is missing! It must also be said that the volume is a bit smaller with me so that the whole optically fits under the TV:

    The center was also measured by a friend, the curves are Alex!

    1. Hello Ingo

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Short for the inclined reader: Ingo asked for a simpler turnout, which makes the MT fully integrated but maybe makes a few small cuts at angles> 30 °.

      I am glad that you are satisfied with the result.



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