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The kit includes

  • detailed plans for the construction of the speaker
  • 1x Wavecor WF152BD06
  • 1x Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB
  • 1x Passive Membrane Seas SP18R
  • Acoustic Eggcrate Foam 40mm
  • 1 pair of binding posts
  • 1,5m speaker cable OFC 2 × 1,5 mm2, highly flexible
  • 14x pan screws 4 × 20 black


  • 5x Jantzen Cross Cap MKP
  • 2x Jantzen / Mundorf Elko smooth
  • 2x Jantzen / Mundorf Air Spool 1,0mm
  • 2x Jantzen / Mundorf Air Spool 0,7mm
  • 1x Jantzen / Mundorf core coil
  • 7x Metal Oxide Resistor MOX 10W

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