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Metrological check of your crossover

Lots of things can go wrong when soldering a crossover. A poorly soldered joint can destroy an entire loudspeaker. Even with my crossovers, the "devil of error" creeps in from time to time... but fortunately I measure every crossover before I install it.

And I hereby offer this service to you too!

Any crossover can be tested, regardless of manufacturer.
All that is required is the respective crossover and the associated circuit diagram / crossover plan.
The name of the loudspeaker and the drivers used are irrelevant and, for copyright reasons, should not be included in the plan!

If there are deviations from the target impedance curve, a rough troubleshooting is included in the price. Any repairs will be carried out inexpensively and after consultation with you.

Common and common errors in crossovers

    • Defective components
    • Components with excessive deviations from the target value (=> old electrolytic capacitors, for example)
    • swapped components
    • cold solder joints
    • Bad turnout layouts (e.g. coils too close together)
    • Inequality between two or more crossovers

The crossover to be checked must be wired, i.e. cables to the drivers and to the amplifier must be available.
The crossover plan must be enclosed. You send both, well packaged here in the shop after purchase, to:

Alexander Heissmann
Lappich 13
97638 Mellrichstadt

The postage costs calculated here are for the return shipment to you.
The price refers to the metrological check of a crossover. If there are several turnouts, simply increase the number in the shopping cart accordingly.

If you want to have crossovers from the Hotmann Acoustics portfolio checked, you will get a discount of 25%. The discount code for this is available on request by email.

Metrological examples of faulty crossovers

Black always corresponds to the target impedance response. The respective measured crossover is red

... and this is how it should look

Crossover ok. All components within tolerance.


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