Kit Samuel with Monacor SPH-175HQ and Vifa XT-300 K / 4 (XT25 TG-30 / 04)

Samuel HQ with Monacor SPH-175HQ and Peerless XT25 TG-30 / 04 (Vifa XT300 K / 4)


  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 89 dB
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1100 x 238 x 361 mm
  • Crossover frequency: 1650 Hz
  • Frequency range (-3dB): 36 - 40000 Hz


  • High-grade stereo applications
  • Home theater as well without subwoofer
  • "Relaxed listening"
  • free placement


  • extremely neutral frequency response: + -1,25dB of 50-23.000 Hz
  • Exceptional bass depth (-3dB 36Hz, -8dB 30Hz)
  • D'appolito arrangement => Intensive spatial representation of sound
  • Both horizontally and vertically very well balanced frequency response at angles
  • low distortion, flawless burst-decay
  • optionally closed-box, bassreflex or a combination of both
  • => Very adaptable, even in "complicated" rooms

Test in Klang & Ton 04 / 2013 (excerpt)

Perfectly matched equipment: High-quality woofers and the ringradiator play together as built for each other.


Samuel HQ Angle Measurement 0-45 °
Klang & Ton measurement 0 °, 15 °, 30 °, 45 °

Flawless: On axis frequency response is in the range of plus minus one decibel from fifty hertz to over twenty kilohertz - the -3dBPoints are at 36 Hertz and 40 Kilohertz ...


Balanced it sounds, sovereign and quite ready for acts of deception, which concerns common levels ... profound and dynamic bass ... discoloration-free mids ... The ring radiator ... unobtrusive and extremely supple with a subtle detailing that only gradually draws attention to itself.


Clever driver combination, paired with perfect tuning, results in a box that does everything right.

For the full test on


Tweeter: Peerless XT25 TG-30 / 04 (Vifa XT300 K / 4) / Test

Alternatively: Scan Speak R 2604 / 832000

Woofer: 2x Monacor SPH-175HQ

Klang & Ton 06 / 2012: The SPH-175HQ passed our test course with bravura... Very high-quality driver, which cuts a good figure both in two-way constructions and as a low-frequency specialist


building plan


Cost example ( Stand 12 / 2017)

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  1. So, I'll call you back. The Samuel HQ is ready, here are some impressions:


    Sonically she is a dream. So far I have had Needles, Fineline from the K + T, SB417 ADW and the Emotion AMT here, but Samuel-HQ shows them where to go, This is a speaker made for me. Crystal clear voices, gentle highs, a nice kick bass and a very impressive low tone (the SB417 did not come close to quality, quantity is not quality). In addition, in the low frequencies also customizable (closed, bass reflex or half-half). Just great.

    As you can tell I'm really excited about the Samuel HQ. And if you then consider the price of the kit, there is nothing more.

    All in all, I have to express my great praise to Alexerander Heißmann. The care and effort in developing his kits is simply extraordinary, as some others might find something wrong. You only have to look at the tree cap, there is no wish left open. In addition, the housing is well thought out and not based on the principle 6 boards, a few chassis and some sonofil ;-).

    So now we will enjoy, enjoy and enjoy again

    1. ... Yesterday it was time for metal, also with that the Samuel-HQ gets along wonderfully, drums, guitars, bass, everything 1a! And with the voices I regularly get goosebumps, so crystal clear they are reproduced. I did not know that from the emotion. I like the high tone of the Samuel HQ even better than the Emotion AMT. I even have the impression that one perceives more details than with the AMT. Incredible, considering that the AMT has cost more than five times ...

  2. Moin people, now I have to give my mustard sometimes. The Samuel HQ I have now for about nine months. Honestly, I had never before had to deal with upscale hi-fi and had no comparisons. In my circle of acquaintances, I'm the only one who owns a hi-fi system with claim. I almost only deal with musicians who strangely do not invest much in hifi. Hm, actually weird ...

    But anyway. After buying a great tube amp from Thomas Reußenzehn (Tube Slave S), it was time to find an adequate box. As an old Sparbrötchen and bargain hunters came to me the idea that I probably get the largest equivalent value for my money in a self-contained speaker. Said and done! After days of searching the web I came across the Samuels. In various forums, I got for this kit only encouragement. The kit of Samuel HQ came immediately after the order. The construction plan of the housing I immediately gave a joinery, which unfortunately left a lot of time with my speakers. Whether I would go to the carpenter again, I can not say. And 500 Euro, I had to lie down for housing construction then the bottom line. That was more, like the 250 Euro, which the carpenter told me when I asked him about the price. Well, unit price, as it turned out later ...

    But no matter. Actually, I am now very happy that the case was professionally made. In retrospect, this action increases my appreciation to the Samuels even more. Fits already ...
    I was very lucky with my neighbor, who helped me with absolute enthusiasm in wiring and soldering the crossover. Thanks again Magnus! We went to great lengths to follow Alexander's blueprint down to the last detail. Attaching the sonofill, fixing the cables inside and attaching the crossover (filled with quartz sand) was carried out exactly and cleanly. I put as much emphasis on that as I did on every other hand during construction.

    Then finally after nearly two months the boxes were ready. When they first stood in front of me fully assembled, I spontaneously thought of the World Trade Center. Fat parts. Exactly my taste!

    We may have taken my text from it, I took my time until I wrote this text here. Normally, I am totally lazy, but the good Alexander should once again get a satisfied customer confirmation, because his construct is just the very first cream.
    Yesterday I had some acquaintances here to listen to music, because I wanted to proudly show off my new Technics SL-1210. Plate laying is great fun! After several hours, a lot of records and many comments from my friends that was a really great evening with great music and great atmosphere among friends, as I have not had it for thirty years. And the Samuels did it all on such a high level that it was so convincingly musical that, with all the hi-fi quality available, it was just music that was always in the foreground. Everything is incredibly homogenous and the stage of the speakers is so perfect that I wonder why other boxes should be bought at all.

    For the complete construction of the boxes, I paid about 1150 Euro (including carpenters). I do not get anything like that for the money. One of my acquaintances said that the original price of a box to about 10% depends on the chassis. If I extrapolate that, I would have had to pay 5500 Euro for the Samuels in a hi-fi shop. The self-build but I have also found a personal value, make the Samuels for me so priceless! 100 points for satisfaction !!! I really do not need more.

    Hm, I remember that in between times I was curious about kits from other providers. Anyone who follows the self-build loudspeaker on the Internet has probably come across a provider whose name I would not like to mention here. In any case, I once listened to the reference box of this provider at one of his customers and had not quite dissatisfied to determine that it is worthwhile for me, in no case, many times to invest for a self-construction speaker. At this listening time, I brought the Samuels extra to have a direct comparison. I beg your pardon? About 2000 spend Euro for a box kit? Absolutely unnecessary! The Samuels are at the top and I stay true to them, Great thing with huge fun factor.

    Well, dear Alexander, I will now choose a nice paint for the Samuels. As a driver of an old Benz, I'll probably resort to an original Mercedes paint. Maybe gold? When it's done, there is still a picture behind!

    Your boxes are a lot of fun for me and I'm happy to have chosen Samuel HQ. I can grow old with that !!!

  3. I built Samuel HQ for friends and heard it last weekend. Construction with the standard turnout in 21mm Multiplex mitred miter. Chamfers have been omitted for visual reasons, finish only with wax, looks great. Unfortunately, the owners do not want photos of your house ...

    I myself have quite ordinary LS at home (see profile) and also know various other LS of fairs or friends, where I am a lot of advice, tinker and adjust. The Samuel HQ I think is really well done. One notices the coordination work that has flowed in here. The LS play very well over the entire frequency range, nothing plays in the foreground, nothing is missing. The balance is really high, snare hits have enough energy, horns sound authentic, but bass is not booming. Men and women's voices sound real, neither droning nor too present. So few defects I have heard only in very few other LS, especially not in the price range, In summary, a neutral LS, which tends to warm rather than analytical.

    The efficiency and the draft are also convincing. In the 60m² living room, where they stand, the LS can be louder than the owners need it. But also at a high level with good space and exemplary balance.

    I heard from Yello to ACDC, Livingston Taylor, Bach and Frank Sinatra to Toto - so everything possible with mostly high quality recordings.

    All in all, I am very pleased with the offer. I know, for example. also the SB18, the Triple Play or the devil Ultima 40 very well to call price similar LS. In this comparison, the Samuel HQ would now be my clear favorite.


  4. Hello

    maybe I can offer some help for one or the other undecided:

    A few days ago, Samuel HQ's path of sound and sound led to my home. Exactly the great Oranje as in K + T 4 / 13 - therefore I can only hear music with sunglasses at the moment. Alexander probably wanted to avoid distracting by a great finish of the actual qualities - just a guess.
    In everyday life, I currently hear the Eton Little Princess by ADW - quite a very good speaker.
    There is only one problem: the room.
    Although we do not live in the slaughterhouse or bathroom - there are a lot of hard surfaces available (tiled floor, tiled stove, roller blinds - no curtains) and therefore probably many reflections in the middle-high range. We do not want to take measures on the room.

    From the report of K + T it could be seen that the Samuel HQ would be ideal for difficult spaces and thus my interest was aroused - and indeed - after the first recorded popular songs it sounded much more relaxed, tidier. One had the impression that the music comes directly to the ear and not over five corners of the environment. Of course, reflections can also fool a certain pseudo-spatiality. But as overlays evolve information flutes and it sounds confused in complex passages.
    The linear tuning of the Samuel does not sound boring either and voices are a force. Especially with live recording come many details from the environment to the ear, which could not be clearly perceived before. The speech intelligibility is great.

    After a few hours Samuel HQ again took the K + T in hand and read the test. Everything is ok but as the superlatives were obviously used up for their own products and the big advertisers, Samuel was not able to celebrate anymore - she deserved it.
    I will definitely order the Samuel HQ - in my eyes a snapper.
    Mr. Hotman will forgive me if I make another color choice.
    In our difficult space, the concept works great - few reflections, because a lot of direct sound. Has something of broadband without its disadvantages. Roaring in the room is fortunately no problem for us and the Samuel goes at least as deep as the LP. Had the impression that the Samuel would play even deeper. In the next few days I will try out how it behaves, if one or both reflex tubes are closed.

    PS: I am neither related nor related by marriage to Mr. Heißmann. Do not get a discount on the order (which I do not want at this ingenious price / performance ratio) and it is my subjective opinion in amateurish form described.

  5. Hallo,
    So I ordered the Samuel HQ kit here last year and now it's finally done.
    Chocolate brown lacquered and oak real wood front, looks I find horny.
    But now to the sound, horny bass, deeply dry and loud if need be. The mids are just as cool, and the treble is as I find terrific, not too intrusive clear and detailed.
    So what I want to say is this is a great speaker, only recommended. Everything done right Alexander.
    Greeting Christian

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