Test Seas Noferro-900 Visaton Waveguide WG-148R 4 Ω dome tweeter with Visaton waveguide

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Measurements in 17x35cm baffle in 70cm distance at 2,83V. level scaled to 1m

Seas Noferro-900 Visaton Waveguide WG-148R

4 Ω dome tweeter with waveguide

Noferro900_W148R_2     Noferro900_W148R_1

With the new WG148R Visaton has placed an excellently processed waveguide for 25 mm tweeters on the market. This was combined with the Seas Noferro-900, with excellent results.

To mount the Seas Noferro-900 to the WG148R you only have to widen the screw holes of the tweeter from 4,5 to approx. 6mm.

Directivity horizontal (0-90 ° in 15 ° steps)


Due to the waveguide system-related symmetrical elevation in the frequency range from 1-10kHz.

The Seas Noferro 900 and the Waveguide WG-148R are a perfect match. Both mechanically and, and in particular acoustically. Directivity is extremly even, up to highest octaves. Just above 3kHz there is a slight widening. This can be further improved by clever connection to an 5-7 inch mid-bass driver. That behavior fitted perfectly with midrange speakers of the 15cm class. Crossover points around 2-3kHz promise excellent results.

It should be noted: The combination was measured in a maximum narrow baffle (17cm). Such is usually very beneficial for waveguides in terms of controlled directivity.

In the 2. Image, frequency response was roughly linearized by DSP. A shelving filter and a PEQ were set.

Sound pressure standardized at angles to 15 °




Flawless impedance.

Very accented, resonance peak at 900Hz, labeling the tweeter as ferrofluid-free.

Burst decay


Even and rapid decay over all frequencies. Perfectly.

Harmonic Distortions 85, 90 and 95dB


The harmonic distortions are extremely low. Only at 10kHz scratched K2 at 95dB / m at the 1% mark ... inaudible. K3 and higher orders are negligible. Crossovers around 1,5kHz with> = 18dB / Oct can be realized without any problems.


Frequency response / directional behavior:5 5 out of stars
Range:5 5 out of stars
Power handling:4.5 5 out of stars
Constance / Without Rating /:0 5 out of stars
Haptics:4.5 5 out of stars
Price-performance:5 5 out of stars


The Seas Noferro-XNUMX with the Visaton Waveguide WG-XNUMXR measures itself ...

... excellent in all disciplines! There is not much more to say about it.

The sum of the EIAs is incidentally, in view of the results, hard to believeXNUMX € (WGXNUMXR: XNUMX € and NoferroXNUMX XNUMX €, as of October XNUMX).