DXT Wave XL Fusion

Technical data

  • Concept
    • 3 ways d'appolito
    • fully active
    • DSP filtering
    • Bass reflex
  • Crossover frequencies: 2200Hz LR4 / 210Hz LR4
  • Maximum SPL (free field / 28-40000Hz): 105dB / m
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1365x250x460mm
  • Net volume woofers: 2x45l
  • Frequency range (-3dB): 28-40000Hz


  • Most demanding stereo applications in rooms> 25m²
  • As Main loudspeaker in the home cinema
  • ... extended with DXT-MON or DXT-MON-182 as center / rear / surround


Where the DXT-Wave-Fusion already shows outstanding, the XL version goes one step further, especially in terms of dynamics, while retaining all the positive properties.
As with all speakers from the DXT-MON family, the horizontal directional behavior of the DXT-Wave-XL can also be regarded as almost perfect.
The DXT-Wave-XL is characterized by an absolute lack of distortion accompanied by an extremely transparent and precise reproduction, and that with a depth that leaves nothing to be desired. Even the lowest notes are reproduced with an ease and precision (-3dB @ 28Hz) that knows how to impress.
Due to the d´ appolito arrangement, an intensive spatial representation is achieved even in acoustically not optimized rooms by reducing floor and ceiling reflections.
Thanks to activation by means of the DSP amplifier Hypex FusionAmp FA123, the DXT-Wave-XL-Fusion shows its strengths, especially when it comes to adaptability. You can switch between three presets (Flat / Party / Near-Wall) at the push of a button. If necessary, individual circumstances can be addressed at any time and suitable setups can be created.


Wavecor WF223BD02

Hobby Hifi 04 / 2016

Wavecor is once again setting new standards with its first 20 mm bass-midrange driver: At the moment we don't know of any better driver for a two-way speaker that is level down to the deep bass.

Wavecor WF152BD06

Klang & Ton 02 / 2013

In this as in all other respects, the new driver is perfect: even at 95 decibel the driver has almost no distortions, has almost no resonance up to almost 10 kilohertz and shows a perfectly balanced frequency response ... The processing is Waveor-typical excellent - they only have the best materials installed.

Seas DXT 27TBCD / GB (H1499)