Test Vifa Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04)

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Measurements in DIN baffle in 70cm distance at 2,83V. Level scaled to 1m
Vifa XT-25/Neo4 (XT25SC90-04)

Vifa / Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04), a very level-resistant, small neodymium ring emitter, can be used wherever it gets tight ...

Vifa / Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) amplitude response dispersion

Vifa XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) Frequency Response (Scatter)

Good linearity. Full level already from 0,9kHz!

With 91,5dB / 2,83V, the efficiency is average for an 4Ohm driver and sufficient for 95% of all applications.

At 4khz there is an interference point that also shows up in the impedance response, but not in the decay behavior. With clever wiring of the Peerless XT-25 / Neo4, you can "conjure up" a 2dB dip around 3,5kHz from the cant, which is usually perceived as very pleasant. D.

The amplitude responses of the two drivers are practically congruent. Very good

Vifa / Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) Impedance (Scatter)

Vifa XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) Impedance gear


The 830Hz resonant tip of the ring radiator shows that no ferrofluid was used. A minimal disturbance can be seen in 4kHz, which also shows in the amplitude response. The impedance paths of the measured drivers are congruent. Exemplary.

Vifa / Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) Sound pressure at angles (0-90 °)

Vifa XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) Angle Measurements 0-90 °

Due to its large diaphragm (30mm diameter) the ring radiator straightens more than 25mm calottes, but very evenly. Many Tüfftler appreciate this property when coupling the Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 to a waveguide.

Vifa / Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) decay behavior

Vifa XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04)

Overall, very smooth and rapid decaying over all frequencies. No criticisms.

Vifa / Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) harmonic distortion

Vifa XT-25 / Neo4 (XT25SC90-04) harmonic distortion


K3 is extremely low up to 2kHz, below which it rises steeply. K2 rises evenly below 3kHz. However, in my opinion nothing stands in the way of a separation of around 2kHz. In combination with two 5 ″ drivers, I already disconnected at 1,7kHz and the dome copes with that without any problems. Even there, K2 hardly scratches the 1% mark. Overall really good values.


Frequency response / directional behavior:4 5 out of stars
Range:4 5 out of stars
Power handling:4.5 5 out of stars
Consisty:4.5 5 out of stars
Haptics:4 5 out of stars
Price-performance:4.5 5 out of stars


Level fixed small tweeter which is very universally applicable.

Due to the large membrane, it can be very loud and can be used from 2kHz.

Due to its "special" directional effect, the ring emitter is very well suited to be combined with a waveguide (eg WG-300 from Monacor). Then the distortion drops below 2kHz and nothing stands in the way of a separation of 1,5kHz.

Predestined is the Peerless XT-25 / Neo4 for d'appolito, - and all other arrangements in confined spaces.

To emphasize is the very small dispersion. The two measured specimens of the ring radiator are practically congruent both in amplitude and impedance.