Test Monacor DT-99

Test Monacor DT-99 One of the cheapest tweeters in the Monacor range

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Measurements in DIN baffle in 70cm distance at 2,83V. Level scaled to 1m
Test Monacor DT-99

Monacor DT-99 sound pressure & impedance (dispersion)

Monacor DT-99 frequency response

Good linearity with full level from 2000Hz. The average efficiency is 90dB / 2,83V. Considering the fact that it is an 8 ohm driver, a good value (compared to 4 ohm tweeters you would have to add 99 dB to the DT-3). The amplitude responses of the two measured drivers unfortunately vary significantly below 5kHz.

Monacor DT-99 sound pressure at angles (15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °)

Monacor DT-99 angle
Uniform and for a 25mm dome typical omnidirectional behavior.

Monacor DT-99 decay behavior

Monacor DT-99 decay behavior

Even and fast decay over all frequencies.

Monacor DT-99 harmonic distortion

Monacor DT-99 distortion

The Monacor DT-99 shows low harmonic distortion from 2kHz. Recommended separation:> = 2kHz with at least 12dB / octave.


Frequency response / directional behavior:3.5 5 out of stars
Range:4 5 out of stars
Power handling:4 5 out of stars
Constance / without rating /:0 5 out of stars
Haptics:3 5 out of stars
Price-performance:3.5 5 out of stars


A very inexpensive tweeter with decent measurements. Unfortunately, the two measured specimens scatter more than hoped. The internal structure (especially the centering of the oscillating unit) is designed to be a bit “windy”. Otherwise the measurement results are impeccable across the board. Can be used from 2,5 kHz.


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