Test Scan-Speak D3004-660000 Illuminator

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Measurements in DIN baffle in 70cm distance at 2,83V. Level scaled to 1m

Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator

4 Ohm dome tweeter with neodymium drive (Air-Circ magnet system)Scan_Speak_D3004_660000

Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator Sound pressure at angles (0-60 ° in 15 ° steps)


The amplitude response of the Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator is extremely broadband. Full level already from 600 Hertz.

From 600Hz - 30kHz + -1,5dB linear with a broadband increase (+ 2dB) of 1,5kHz - 6kHz. The average efficiency is 92dB / 2,83V.

The omnidirectional behavior can be described as very good. Below 30 °, 20kHz is reached with practically full level. The resonance frequency is extremely low at 470Hz and gives hope for a very deep separability to the TMT / MT. The impedance response shows a minimal disturbance of around 1,5 kHz, which is also reflected in the amplitude response by a "level" that is considered harmless.

Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator Decay behavior


Fast and steady decay over all frequencies. A touch of delay indicates 19kHz.

Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator Harmonic Distortions

gray line: 1%
Graph switches every 3 seconds
The Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 illuminator has extremely low harmonic distortion.

At all measured levels, K3 remains below 500% from 0,3 Hz and <1% from 0,1 kHz and is largely independent of the excitation signal.

K2 increases evenly with the level, and runs at a very low level.

Clinker components of higher order are negligible.


Frequency response / directional behavior:4.2 5 out of stars
Range:5 5 out of stars
Power handling:4.8 5 out of stars
Continuity of series / Without rating /:0 5 out of stars
Haptics:5 5 out of stars
Price-performance:4 5 out of stars


The Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator is, in the sum of its properties, an excellent tweeter. Very broadband use, extremely low distortion and with very good omnidirectional behavior.

There was a considerable design effort to create an extraordinary tweeter. The Air-Circ Magnet System (6 Circular Neodymium Magnets) seems to work very effectively.

Only the not absolutely linear amplitude response on the axis clouds the otherwise impeccable impression minimal. By skillful wiring and / or selection of the baffle can still achieve a virtually perfectly linear frequency response.

Also noteworthy is the noble-looking exterior of the tweeter. The aluminum front panel and the seemingly futuristic magnet system make your heart beat faster, and in the sense of psychoacoustics, the driver will probably (even) sound even better ())

In order to do justice to the called price of RRP 180 €, features are required that set the driver apart from others. In my opinion, these are definitely given with the Scan-Speak D3004 / 660000 Illuminator and the driver is probably his Price-worthy!

2 thoughts on "Test Scan-Speak D3004-660000 Illuminator"

  1. As a final note, the text of the Scan Speak tweeter on the Waveguide did not work that well. What were the rough results or problems? Best regards, Ralf

    1. Hello Ralf

      The amplitude response looked very good, but there was a leak somewhere due to the mounting of the adapter plate, which I have not come up with. This can be seen on a BR-like impedance gear.

      Best Regards

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