Vifa XT-300 (XT25TG-30 / 04)

Test Peerless / Tymphany XT25TG-30 / 04 (Vifa XT-300 / K4)

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Measurements in DIN baffle in 70cm distance at 2,83V. Level scaled to 1m
Vifa XT-300 (XT25TG-30 / 04)An exceptional tweeter, equipped with a 5mm strong front panel, 5-hole mounting and a "just beading" membrane.

Vifa / Peerless XT-300 K4 (XT25TG-30 / 04) Sound Pressure & Impedance (Scattering)

Vifa XT-300 (XT25TG3004) Frequency response and impedance response

Outstanding linear frequency response. Full level from 1,3kHz. Extremely good-natured "roll-off". The efficiency is average with 91,5dB / 2,83V on average. A copy has a higher resonance frequency by 20%, but this does not affect the intended workspace. Otherwise from 1,5kHz congruent course. Very good. With frequency response, you have to look very closely to see if they are 2 or 3 drivers. Practically congruent course from 600Hz.

Vlt. a little note at this point:

I do not buy preselected drivers ... With such a result one might suspect that.

Vifa / Peerless XT-300 K4 (XT25TG-30 / 04) Sound pressure at angles (15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °)

Vifa Peerless XT-300 (XT25TG3004) Angle Measurements

Very uniform omnidirectional behavior. Somewhat stronger directivity than with 25mm calottes. No criticisms. Recommendation: Tuning linearly to 15 °.

Vifa / Peerless XT-300 K4 (XT25TG-30 / 04)

Vifa Peerless XT-300 (XT25TG3004)

Vifa Peerless XT-300 (XT25TG-30 / 04) Swaying Sonogram

Extremely smooth and fast swinging over all frequencies.

Vifa / Peerless XT-300 K4 (XT25TG-30 / 04) harmonic distortion

Vifa Peerless XT-300 (XT25TG-30 / 04) Harmonic
Gray line: 1%
Graph switches every 3 seconds
Outstanding low distortion 3.order. From 1,5kHz <0,1% at all measured levels. The "good-natured" K2 increases relatively strong under 3kHz. A bit of "whitewashing" is thus incorporated. For separations> = 2kHz, K2 should still remain below the threshold of perceivability, even at very high levels.


Frequency response / directional behavior:4.5 5 out of stars
Range:4.5 5 out of stars
Power handling:4.5 5 out of stars
Consisty:5 5 out of stars
Haptics:4 5 out of stars
Price-performance:5 5 out of stars


The ring emitter Vifa / Peerless XT-300 K4 (XT25TG-30 / 04) is outstanding in the sum of its properties!

The frequency response is linearly smooth, the omnidirectional response is extremely even and the decay behavior could not be better.

The ring emitter can be used in very low-level combinations from 2kHz. At "normal" level requirements also lower.

Series dispersion seems to be a foreign word for the driver. Furthermore, his intended work area is far outside the design of tweeters, prone to series fluctuations region around the resonant frequency. It is usually not recommended in vain tweeter> = 2x FR to separate.

and all this for extremely cheap 47 € (RRP) ...

I have installed the XT-300 K / 4 with the SPH-175HQ in the kit Samuel HQ, and I am very pleased with its features.

To the kit Samuel HQ

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