WaveWall 182.2 | In-Wall | In-wall speakers with 2xWF182BD10 and TW030WA09


Technical data

  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ω
  • Crossover frequency: 1900Hz LR4
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m): 90 dB
  • Concept: 2 ways, closed-box
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 642 x 450 x 140mm (=> variable, because of in-wall installation)
  • Net Volume TMTs: 2x11l
  • Frequency range (-8 / 3dB): 33 / 48 - 30000 Hz


  • In the living room with maximum WAF
  • Center / Main / Rear in home theater
  • Monitoring scenarios / Midfield


  • superb uniform directivity characteristics
  • very neutral sound reproduction
  • precise and dynamic bass, in stereo applications fullrange usable, without any compromises
  • lowest distortion even at very high levels
  • highest quality components


  • 2x Wavecor WF182BD10
Hobby Hifi 03 / 2014

These drivers (Note: WF182BD09 and WF182BD10) offer outstanding value for money. For audiophile and living room-friendly two-way floor boxes, they are simply perfect.

  • Wavecor TW030WA09
Heißmann-Acoustics: Test
Hobby-Hifi 06 / 2013

Wavecor manages with the TW030WA09 to exceed the already excellent 30-millimeter tweeters of the house. The moderate price of the tweeter is not meant to deceive that it is an excellent tweeter with high-end demand and terrific value for money.


11 thoughts too "WaveWall 182.2 | In-Wall | In-wall speakers with 2xWF182BD10 and TW030WA09"

      1. Hello Mr. Heissmann

        I am considering installing these speakers as an on-wall in my recording studio. Now write above that a baffle of 120x80cm would be appropriate. How deep would the construction be then? And would the box then be 120cm wide or high?

        Thanks and best regards

        1. Hello Joachim
          I will publish an on-wall variant in a timely manner and then post the link here.
          Whether 120cm wide or high is less relevant. The total area is important. The depth is 10,2 cm.

          Best Regards

          1. Hello Mr. Heissmann,

            Can you already estimate when the on-wall version will come?

            Is there a possibility of making the speakers smaller, e.g. 25cm wide, 12cm deep and x cm high ?

            Best regards,

          2. Hello Mr. Heissmann,
            I am also interested in an on-wall variant of the 182.2. Is there any news regarding the release of the kit?

            Thanks and best regards!

  1. Hi,
    I'm interested in building these for home theater purposes but I have a question. What is the shallowest you can make this design? the 140mm depth stated might be too much for my area. I can expand the enclosure vertically to make up for any lost volume in the depth.

  2. Hi,
    I'm interested in building these speakers for my living room but I don't know if I have 140mm depth in my walls. What is the shallowest these can be made? I can expand vertically to make up for any loss in volume from the depth.

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