Marcos Samuel HQ, Center HQ and Compact HQ

Short review

I became infected with the record virus about two years ago. So a turntable moved in (current status: three dual 701,732,741), then an amplifier (dual CV 1700) and a tube amplifier (Reussenzehn Tube Slave S). Now only the right boxes were missing.
The profile for these boxes was:

  • a good bass without sub support
  • standing speakers
  • suitable for the tube amplifier

After a long reading in various forums, with the usual suspects, I came across the Samuels of Alexander hot man.

In a nice phone conversation, it was clear that fit like a bucket on bucket and what can I say ... I was not disappointed, relive music, hear things that were not there before.
Since my listening room is also my home theater, it did not take long and they were used as front speakers. After that it was clear the devil theater can take off and a few emails later it was firmly established the HQ Compact.

Baumappe purchased, the wood trim ordered from our hardware store, chassis and components ordered for the frequency turnouts.
Frequency Soft soldered ... that was much easier from the hand, because I had holes in the Samuel's Alexander pretty well. The MDF glued according to the blueprint, the chassis with the Oberfäse + cutting circle milled out.

Was not a problem until then, but what I did not like was the solution with the tweeter. The sits normally in a HT tube, I've built a case for it, which has promised me more. The whole thing would then be glued to the box after observing the mass height and depth of the tweeter.

The speakers were then first sanded properly, then they were primed and rolled with black paint. As a finish, I used belton like Samuel's granite effect paint.

Is super easy to process and conceals even small mistakes. You should choose as a basic tone about the finish, so it saves some spraying processes and it covers better. Finally, apply the effect clear coat of belton, marry and enjoy the chassis and box.

The sound of the HQ Kompakt is close to the Samuel's in the high and midtones, the bass is not as powerful as the Samuel's. The HQ compact fit perfectly with the Samuel's as it should be.


Fits with me just as pure, the Samuel's play in records alone, in films are the HQ Kompakt and soon the subwoofer SPH-380TC BR.

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